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Drew Grant

A woman with a man's name and a penchant for movie trivia contests.


'Better Call Saul' Season 4 Finale Recap: Winner Takes All

For a moment, even we believed this was Jimmy talking.
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15 Creepy Movie Moments And Alternate Endings That Never Made It To Screen

Some of the strangest scenes you've never seen from, from movies you'd never expect.
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All the Easter eggs from Castle Rock’s first season

Fans of Stephen King are sure to pick up on the plethora of references in the show.
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‘The Young Pope’ Season Finale Recap: The Day the Earth Stood Still

Italian radio has either started getting real hyperbolic, or the Vatican has a #fakenews problem, because we open on Lenny listening to an announcer claim “the world has stopped turning” because of Lenny’s love letters.
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‘Barry’ Is The ‘Breaking Bad’ Of The Los Angeles Acting Class Scene

Like Walter White, Barry has had to tell himself a fairytale about his work to frame himself as the hero in his own story.
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Wiseau Serious? ‘The Disaster Artist’ Celebrates a Paranoid Bully

James Franco wastes the movie’s heart on a flawed subject. Link to Story

We Have to Go Back to the Island: Rewatching ‘Lost,’ Season 1, Part 1

We travel all the way back to September, 2004, when the name Damon Lindelof was not yet the dog whistle of unpopular endings it would become.
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'Sharp Objects' Premiere Recap: The Apathy and the Empathy of Camille Preaker

Ah, home. There's no place like it, even if popular wisdom has it that you can never truly go back there again.
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‘Game of Thrones’ Season Premiere Recap: Are We There Yet?

Drew: First off: these recaps need to be subtitled: “WE BOTH READ THE BOOKS, CALM DOWN”.
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‘The Affair’ Season 2 Premiere: Of Max and Men

Stop staring at that novel you’ll never finish, pop in a pot lozenge, and settle in.
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Recaps From the Gym: ‘The Real Housewives of Melbourne’

Cram all the terrible television you can while on the elliptical: a binge and purge!
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Recaps From the Gym: ‘Law and Order,’ ‘Under the Dome,’ ‘Real Housewives’

I have never been to a gym in New York City that wasn’t playing an SVU episode.
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Drew Grant


My name is Drew Grant, and everything you've heard about me is a lie. Sure I was the founder of The New York Observer's successful television vertical, tvdownload, as well as the Arts & Entertainment editor of the publication, but reports of me losing our ASME Awards in an unlicensed Queens poker room are greatly exaggerated.

And while I am known for the breadth of my pop culture expertise, leading to appearances at Comic-Con, New York Television Festival, WGA panels and an episode of Law & Order: SVU, I have never been approached by an administration–past or present– requesting that I become the first American Ambassador of Global Streaming Content.

Yes, I have produced leading content for outlets such as Forbes, Maxim, Cosmopolitan, The A.V. Club, McSweeney's, Salon and many others; however 'Powerblogger' is no longer an acceptable substitution for my preferred 'Ms.' prefix.

While I do pride myself on scouting and editing incredible talent– having worked with over 120+ writers thanks to the freelancer contributor models I've implemented at The Observer and as Managing Editor of RealClearLife–the speculation that I secretly funded any J-school incubators as a way to guarantee 'first-dibs' on the next generation of incoming journalists is fake news.

In summary, don't believe everything you read about Drew Grant, except for the part where she is an experienced writer and editor, specializing in entertainment, pop culture, arts, lifestyle and journalism.

I currently live on Earth, where I am always looking for ways to transform the media landscape.



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